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5 Reasons to Put Your Favorite Landscaping Plants in Containers

Gardener Arranging Plants
Florida's mild climate provides year-round opportunities for gardening. In-ground beds and plantings are great options, but they're not without a few issues. When you're ordering specialty plants that need the right conditions and plenty of care, containers make more sense than in-ground planting.
Regardless of the tropical or sub-tropical ornamental plants you choose, containers offer a number of distinct benefits. These advantages to using concrete boxes or ceramic urns will convince you to work more container plantings into your home's landscape.

1. Control the Soil

Each plant has specific requirements for soil texture, fertility, drainage, and other important features. You likely only have one or two types of soil in the ground around your home, limiting your options for planting without major amendments. Planting into a container instead gives you a chance to start with the perfect soil mix, blended to the specific needs of the plant you pick.
Orchids, cacti, flowering grasses, and other common Florida ornamental plants all require different soil or soilless mixes. A planter with multiple compartments allows you to mix and match plants with different soil requirements and group them together for a greater visual impact.

2. Prevent Contamination

Depending on what your property was used for before it became your home, the soil around your yard may feature a lot of accumulated contaminants. Residues left behind by petroleum products, car exhaust, and herbicide applications can damage the plants you choose or even kill them.
Soil tests that include measurements of common toxins and heavy metals can reveal if your home's landscape is contaminated. Since removing contaminated soil and replacing it can cost thousands of dollars, choose planters instead for edible or delicate plants.

3. Move Prize Plants

Work more containers into your exterior landscaping plans to keep your designs as flexible as possible in the future. As long as planters are either relatively small or mounted on pot stands with casters or wheels, you can continue to move them around the yard to change up your layout.
If you're planning a dinner party, simply move your favorite planters to the patio or backyard kitchen area for instant decoration. You can also easily move plants in containers indoors in case a rare frost or cold snap threatens to damage them during the winter.

4. Add More Space

Planters, pots, and other containers give you a chance to add greenery and beautiful blooms in areas where no soil is available. Even if a part of your landscape is already paved over or covered in rock, you can find a way to work a container into the design to add more gardening space.
You don't have to disturb your current landscaping just to add to it either. Even in yards where no more free space is available on the ground, wall- and fence-mounted containers and other hanging options allow you to pack more plants into the same space for a bigger landscaping impact.

5. Prevent Pests

Many pests that damage delicate plants live in or travel through the soil, including nematodes and many types of grubs. The best way to keep these soil-borne pests away from your favorite plant is to plant into a container with a fresh and sterilized soil mix. By using a solid planter made from wood, concrete, or a similarly impervious material, you can also keep pests from burrowing in later.
Add more planters to your exterior landscape with our help here at Creative Greenery. Not only can we help you pick the perfect plant-safe containers, we can supply a custom blended soil mix and the plants to fill in these new additions.

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