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4 Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants
Adding plants to your indoor decor is beneficial in more ways than just adding unique natural beauty. Discover these four perks of placing plants inside your home and learn where you should place them for the most benefits.

1. Indoor Plants Clear the Air

Placing plants indoors improves air quality. Plants naturally absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen, and remove toxins in the air by as much as 87%. Place decorative plants in your bedroom for healthy sleep at night or in common gathering areas, such as the dining room and living space.

2. Indoor Plants Regulate Humidity Levels

Dry, harsh indoor air can trigger respiratory distress and illness. Adding indoor plants to your home's decor helps to manage humidity levels. Plants evaporate the water they use via their leaves, which adds up to 10% humidity inside your home as a result.
If you live in a dry climate and are prone to sore throats, coughs, and other side effects of drier air, then add plants to your indoor space. Add a single houseplant per 100 square feet of living space for optimum air quality and humidity response.

3. Indoor Plants Create a Calm Atmosphere

Plants in the home can reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure, allowing you to feel calmer during your busy day.
Plants can also be mood lifters, increasing the hormones that make you feel happy, thus helping to reduce bouts of depression.
Place plants in the busiest areas of your home, such as your kitchen, living room, home office, and even your bathroom for a quick pick-me-up as you go about your day. During the winter months when season-related depression is high, place plants in windowsills for gentle mood lifting throughout the day to keep winter blues at bay.
Consider the following houseplants for a calm and stress-free home.
Aloe Vera
Known for its ability to calm burns and other skin sensitivities with its healing balm, Aloe Vera is also able to detect pollutants in the air and eradicate them for a peaceful atmosphere.
Snake Plant
One of the best plants for clearing the air, the snake plant is both beautiful and intriguing to enjoy. The snake plant is especially adept at cleaning the nighttime air for healthy sleep.
Spider Plant
As one of NASA's most highly-rated houseplants for cleaner air, the spider plant removes many toxins from the air, including formaldehyde. You can hang this plant can be hung from the ceiling or put it in a pot.

4. Indoor Plants Boost Productivity

If you have a home office, then adding indoor plants to your workspace can make you more focused and productive. Plants can help people feel more satisfied in the work they do. Having natural greenery surrounding your workspace inspires you to work more positively and productivity and can increase your output by as much as 15%.
Place indoor plants near your workspace but not immediately on your desk so you don't inadvertently clutter your work area. Office plants should be near a window as a focal point or alongside your desk or office chair. Rotate plants as you become accustomed to their presence so you always have access to fresh greenery for work inspiration.
When adding indoor plants to your home, hire a plant specialist to assist you in caring for your indoor greenery. You can purchase or lease indoor houseplants and receive regular maintenance of your foliage to keep indoor greenery healthy and flourishing.
You have many indoor plants to consider for your home, from ferns to exotic flowers to small shrubs. Your plant specialist will help you select the right foliage for your home. Trust our horticulture experts at Creative Greenery to make your home's interior beautiful today.

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